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Loved the game. Keep it up.


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What a bizarre piece of garbage

Seriously? Burzum's illa tidandi in the watches ringing, poster with burzum's aske EP

are you a fan of Varg?

Looks really fantastic!!!

Nice game ^^ Looking forward to the full game! :D

This is an interesting game I think some of the puzzles are a tad hard but, i'm not really too good at puzzles.  Thought this was a kidnap horror game but, it gets weird not in a bad way just weird! Cool mechanics are sprinkled in here and there like the hiding parts.

great game! love it

Well animated, climatic music and interesting plot. Overall fantastic.

I agree, it's promising. The shooting mechanic was a little odd but I got used to it quickly (still a few miss clicks here and there but nothing major). :) 

Great demo, very promising.

Keep up the good work! ;)